The start of Porta-Bote Adventure

Adventure Begins!

It took me more than 10 years to become the Porta-Bote owner.

It started in early 2000s when I first seen the boat on a fishing expo at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY.  I remember thinking – this is the only boat I could actually own leaving in New York… and I don’t mean the State.  What stopped me was the steep price and total lack of information except for the sales pitch.  I stopped by the Porta-Bote booth at the same show every year since and every year it was the same story until now.

Just like every other year I headed out to Suffern to visit World Fishing & Outdoor Expo.  I planned on buying Daiwa Saltist spinning reel for my surf rod as well as learning what is new on the market for 2014.  As I was doing my usual routine I ended up in front of the small Porta-Bote booth.  I should mention that I was there with my brother’s father in law who was visiting from Ukraine.  My companion from abroad was very interested to learn about the materials and how the boat operated.  I could understand his curiosity considering he was retired physicist with a very curious mind.  Company salesman with my help as interpreter was unswerving all he could.  In this process the salesman learned how many years I my self was considering the ownership of the boat and when he suggested that I start this year I answered by handing him my credit card.  From that moment on I became the proud owner of the most advance portable boat the Porta-Bote.seo white label

I must admit this was an impulse purchase which was about 10 times of what I was planning to spend on the reel.  Weirdly enough it did not make me feel bad in the slightest.

I was told to expect a letter confirming the purchase in about 2 weeks and about a month from the letter I should expect the boat it self.  ‘Let the waiting game being’ I told my self as I left the expo building.

Therefore I dedicate this website to all my Porta-Bote experiences and adventures!

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