Fishing on Wallkill River

One day in July I finally convinced my cousin, who is a die-hard shore fisherman to come and fish on my PortaBote. I know he was very skeptical about it and in general not a fan of boat fishing, but he agreed anyway. His only demand was that we are going to fish Wallkill river, I reluctantly agreed.

I fished Wallkill before, we used to catch plenty of carp there.  We would use the boat ramp for our fishing site as you can see on this Google image (hope I am not infringing)



We headed out Friday after work, quick stop by my brother’s house to pickup the boat and off we went.  The plan was to fish for carp over night, take turns to catch a few hours of sleep and then go by the boat as the light starts to brake.

On the way we stopped by Walmart to get some bait and other supplies.

We arrived at the boat ramp just shy of midnight.  Many years passed since I have been there last.  To my surprise, the parking lot was in very poor condition.  I guess bad economy hit there as well.  So I had to rely on my cousin, who was outside with flash light, to avoid driving into foot deep potholes .

Once my car was safely parked, I went to see what the river was like.  I was worried about the current and if my 55lb trust electric motor would be able to handle it.  I got to the water edge and, well I could not see the river.  It was covered in heavy fog.  I touched the water, it felt hot.  Air temperature was below 60.  The view was beautiful but fishing was not promising.

We setup 2 chairs with the cooler in the middle, cast some corn and ate some sandwiches.  I added a worm to the mix and we were greeted by a steady bite from small bullheads, while it was fun nothing big came our way and everything we caught went back to live another day.

At some point we both decided to call it a night, pulled out carp rigs and went to sleep in the car.  I must say, sleeping in the car is not for me, I wished I took the Element instead of Sonata, but it is what it is and I made the best of it.

Morning came fast and I was happy to stretch.  We quickly setup the boat, loaded our gear and… I realized that I did not take the anchor, well river was not moving at all, so a few curse words aside we pushed off and were on our way.

wallkillriver late morning


Wallkill river turned out to be very shallow for the most part.  I worked hard trying to find deep pools, to no avail.  We went up the river for a few miles, stopping at deeper spots.  Fish alarm never went off, I did not see anything resembling fish either.  The only entertainment we had was the unexpected kind.  Someone was practicing landing a float plane right next to us.

It was apparent to us that we are not going to catch anything and we headed back to the ramp.  Once I let my cousin out of the boat, I went about the area to which we cast from the shore line.  It was the deepest spot of the river I have seen so far.

We setup for carp, attached little bells so that we do not need to watch our rods and went to sleep in our chairs.

I did manage one small (~10lb) carp, which was very weak.  Water temperatures must have been extreme for the fish.  We called it a day and went home.  I think that was my last trip to Wallkill, at least in the summer months.


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