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Originally I ordered my boat at the show early March of 2014.  It was delivered beginning of June, about 2 month late.  Sandy apologized number of times almost complaining about how many boats they sold at various shows at the start of the year.

Before I was hard-pressed to find much information or at least active porta-boater, but now things have changed.  I will keep updating this blog with links to other porta-bote resources online.

First link goes out to RUDYAKAHALIBU77, who is a new owner like me.  He is also an avid fisherman and boater (unlike me), which makes him very valuable in terms of proper rigging of the porta-bote.  Keep up the good work and keep posting:

Youtube Video with Scotty Rod Holders which gives you an alternative way to add equipment to the bote.  Granted you loose some cup holders :-).

Updated setup by Rudy, worth watching

Or you can directly go to his channel and see other porta-bote and other boat/kayak/fishing videos Rudy posted.

Second link goes out to Yahoo official Portabote Group.  This group is private and supported by Sandy.  There is plenty of info there I just wish it was not Yahoo.

Very good official resource but terrible Yahoo experience.  Remember if you have a technical issue with the bote email and call porta-bote. 

iBoats buy CBD products good forums on portabote.  Give them a shot if you can’t find an answer.  Crazy gentlemen who goes by nick barato2 is an active porta-bote owner on that forum. 

This post on iBoats is my favorite.  My proof barato2 is a crazy guy 🙂  Hope to see some new reports from him, God Bless him!

Cheap gunnel mount to accept Scotty rod holder


10 thoughts on “Porta-bote Online Resources”

  1. i have a12 ft porta Bote but i am looking to find some one that has made a auto roof rack or winch system to slide the Bote on top of a Motor Home

  2. Hey ! may I ask u a question. Can porta bote be used to tow a banana tube , I mean does it equipped with towing ring at the transom?

    1. Thanks, I took a year off :-). Was so busy at work so had no time to take the bote out. Now i am back and hope to post some news

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