Return to Mongaup Falls Reservoir

After letting my work get the best of me in 2015 I decided not to let it happen this year.  I has been an uphill battle, but I am sure I can win it.

First available weekend, when there were no weddings, birthdays, kids parties or worst.  I decided that it is time.  Sure enough my Brother and steady fishing buddy declined the invitation.  Is that going to be the end of the dream?

To my aid came a very unlikely candidate, my Wife!  To what was a hopeless, rhetorical question: “Alex is not going, will you go instead?”… I received a positive response.  It took me a little while to make certain I was not dreaming or hallucinating, and the answer indeed was in agreement to my proposition.

We quickly agreed that a day trip was out of question, we were going to find a place to stay so that we could fully enjoy a day on the water.  To me this could pose a problem.  Catskill area motels were terrible in my experience, I was also concerned about my bote being on the roof in unsecured parking lot overnight.

I decided to try  It was late, only few days before the weekend.  I though, one miracle already happened, was there room for the second, and fortune was on my side.  I found Barbara!

Barbara owns a house in Glen Spey, which is under 15 min from Mongaup Falls.  She has a wonderful house with every amenity I and my wife needs.  And most importantly availability for the weekend!  I was sure to book it before someone else did.

Finally Friday came.  Once the business day was over, I packed the car and off we went.  I must say that there is something terrible going on in New York this summer, I cant recall spending so much time in traffic.  We arrived at B&B around 11pm, so our trip was almost 4 hours instead of the usual two and a half.  But it was all worth it!

Eddie, who is the gentlemen of the house, greeted us upon arrival. Having received instructions for the house and  set time for breakfast we hit the bed.

Me and my wife were up just shy of 6 am.  Eddie was waiting downstairs, drinking coffee.  We joined him for a quick breakfast.  Shortly after we were on our way to the lake.

My navigation was telling me that the lake was just around the corner.  I had my windows open and I could hear the lake and even smell it.  At the time when I was mentally setting up the bote, my wife asked if I seen her put sunblock in her bag………  Quick trip back to the house and back to the lake…

We were first to arrive at the lake.  As we were unloading at the ramp, two more fisherman came.  My bote was almost setup so I quickly got all heavy things out of the car and to the side of the ramp, I pushed the boat on to the water and got my car out of their way.  Ten more minutes that took me to come back and finish loading the boat, felt like eternity.  I was jealously watching the other fisherman motor away as I was attaching my minn kota to the transom.  I pushed the boat away and went about connecting  all the gear.

Mongaup Falls Reservoir, New York
Mongaup Falls Reservoir, New York

With motor and sonar operational, I pushed the boat south just in time for my Wife to take this picture.

Mongaup Falls in the morning
We were on the water just in time for my Wife to take this picture

I decided to troll and so I did without much success.  I used two rods rigged with RediRig Instant Downriggers, one had a large worm and the other had a soft rubber minnow.  I had them setup at 8 and 12 feet.

After few hours of enjoying the lake and no bite my wife suggested we change tactics because she wanted to see a fish.  So up came down riggers and out came float.  I gave rod with float and worm to my wife and used white minnow my self.  We started working east side of the lake.  In no time I had this 12 inch crappie in my hand

We navigated further south along same shore line which produced more fish on both minnow and worm.

After a while bite died down and we went on shore for some lunch and stretching.

I decided to finish the day in the river at the north end of the lake.  I was looking for some perch there.  I knew there was a place where a tree branch was under water and that spot was very productive.  I used navigation to find it, but I did not find the tree branch.  Maybe it was washed off by water release or it was too deep due to higher water level.

I used worm and float to catch enough perch for a soup.  They were biting very well all alone grassy bank.  I switched back to the white minnow and started casting towards the middle of the river as we made our way back towards the ramp.  On the second cast I was in a fight with this medium sized pickerel.  It was fun on the light tackle.

We enjoyed the day on the lake on our porta-bote.  With the sun going down we unloaded the boat and went on to break it down.  Local folk had some funny comments about the time it takes to get everything ready for leaving, but we had the fish and they did not, so the extra time was well worth it.

We spent that evening drinking beer and telling Eddie about our day.

Next morning we slept late and started our trip home where my wife cooked the fish we kept.

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